Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Showing Life in an Image

The two images you see here are of the same Running Crab Spider. They were taken in the midday light...best time to find these fast little spiders. When I shoot spiders, insects...etc. I try to show some kind of life (movement) in the subject. The first image is simple and straight forward. The second one gives the spider a sense of life. What I mean by this...the spider is on the edge of the lily leaf about to go underneath it. Instead of showing a plain and simple shot of a spider I chose to give the subject a sense of life by waiting for it to move into a more interesting place. Sometimes I wait for a spider to move into the right spot to give it a sense of life. Not all spiders are easy to do this with, so I look for a way to give the spider a sense of belonging to it's surroundings. Like a spider feeding on an insect or spinning a web. Jumping spiders are a real challenge. They don't like to hold still long, so you must be quick like them. The world of the spider is interesting so get out there and take a closer look.


My tulips are starting to peek through the ground.

And warmer weather is in the forecast for this week.