Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just Plain Awesome!

This is just plain awesome!
There is a pair of Twelve Spotted Skimmers that have been hanging around my garden and ponds. I knew I could get some shots of them using my 300mm. I have taken many over the last few days, but today this Male was kind enough to let me get close enough to use my macro lens. As I worked my way close I became very frustrated with the gnats buzzing my head. As I sat down he flew up and grabbed one right next to my ear. He then flew right back and landed on the perch he was using. I was now less than a foot away and began shooting. I moved in slowly and carefully and was at the end of the focusing range..only inches away. Suddenly he flew up and grabbed another one and landed on my head. I froze and he flew off back to his perch. It was than I noticed something on his leg. When I uploaded the images...I discovered it was a strand of my hair. I guess I'm loosing my hair in my old age....LOL. Anyways, he stayed there for about 20 minutes flying back and forth grabbing gnats from around my head. He landed on my arm once, but not for very long.
So it has been a very good afternoon. 

 Notice the strand of hair