Monday, June 20, 2011

Last Day of Spring 2011

Well Summer starts tomorrow and I'm ready for it.
Today I stayed around the house and did some gardening and spent a few hours around the yard taking photos. The Mock Orange Bush is in full bloom now and the bees and other insects are working it like crazy. It is buzzing with life and the smell form the flowers is so awesome. In the evening it blows in the window...such a sweet smell. Another one of my favorite butterflies stopped by to enjoy the sweet nectar. 
The Red-spotted Purple
Also the Mossy Stonecrop is now in bloom and I plan on moving some of it to my rock garden. It adds a great color to the garden. It don't get tall, but sure is bright yellow.
The Bird'sfoot Trefoil is starting to bloom and it is another yellow flower that adds some beauty to the yard.