Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nice day....

It was a nice day, but the wind was blowing out of the North East and made it a bit cold. I stayed around the house and did some gardening and watched the birds. I also was also able to watch a feeding bumblebee on the gooseberry flowers. 
 I did some changes to the bird bath so I could get some shots of birds taking a bath. A little change here and there and I got it almost right. This Yellow Bellied Sapsucker was really enjoying himself.

Even had a Rose-breasted Grosbeak stop by and grab some lunch today.
The White Crowned Sparrows were everywhere today. They loved the bird bath and even sang for me.

I would say it was a great day, but it ended on a sad note. While I was watching the birds feed a swift flying Merlin flew in and grabbed a White Throated Sparrow. I guess they have to eat too.
Also I have an UPDATE on Mommy squirrel. She is back with her young ones again, but to my surprise she has three of them.