Sunday, May 1, 2011


Today was just wonderful. I have been busy all day...from garden work to watching the Bloodroot open to the warmth of the sun. I knew today they would open and I was right. As the sun warmed them they slowly opened up and revealed the beautiful white petals. They are so delicate and with  the yellow centers makes them on my top 20 list of favorite wildflowers. When they first open the petals look like wet wax, but as the sun warms them they turn white. It took less than 5 minutes for them to was worth watching.
The spring beauties are starting to bloom and in a few days the yellow trout lilies will be opening up. I plan on going for a walk tomorrow in search of wildflowers or whatever I find that catches my eye. It won't be as warm as it was today, but it will still be nice.

Minutes after opening

                                      Minutes before opening