Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Return to the Meadow

I went back to the meadow for the third day in a row and today was the best yet.
Six species of butterflies and 5 dragonfly species. Many birds singing and enjoyed the fresh taste of wild strawberries. YUM!!!
As I was photographing the berries I noticed some wild rose's near by and moved over to photograph them. So I moved my tripod and laid back on the ground and when I got up I realized I squished a bunch of berries on my white shirt. So I really got into photography today.
The first image is the wild rose before it opens.
This next image has some visitors.
Syrphid Flies enjoying the rose.
After I was done photographing the rose I moved back to a spot where I had seen two American Coppers the day before. So I sat down and watched, but nothing. So I walked around and one flew up and the chase was on. First I tried to use my macro lens to get close, but it would not have nothing to do with me getting close. So I attached a 36mm extension tube to my 300mm lens and was able to get a few decent shots. After about and hour it flew off and I could not locate it again.

Going to rain tonight and some tomorrow so I won't make it back out there until at least Friday. There is so much to photograph there and I still have not explored the full swamp and near by woods.