Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wildflowers Everywhere!

Well went out this morning with my Mom looking for Moreals, but I ended up shooting wildflowers. We found no Moreals, but the woods were covered with wildflowers. In the short time there I was able to get a few shots. Dutchman's-breeches, Spring Beauties and Yellow Trout Lilies covered the forest floor. The Trillium's are close to blooming. Going to be a good year for them. I also went out this afternoon and checked on some Round-lobed Hepatica's. They are almost ready to bloom...I did find a few in bloom, but the wind was blowing and it was hard to get a good shot. So I will go back in a day or two. They should be in full bloom by the weekend. Tomorrow I am going to another location and see what I can find.
Round-lobed Hepatica