Friday, April 22, 2011

Wildflowers and Bumblebees.

I'm waiting for that day when I can sit down and look at wildflowers again. It has been a long winter and I need that refreshing sight. A forest full of flowers and the scent they produce is so calming. Most of the snow we got the other day is gone and I am happy about that. The feeders are full of birds again and I have filled the feeders twice today. Another thing I enjoy is watching the bumblebees work the flowers. I am really interested in finding the hive of the orange marked bumblebees that I have in my yard each year. Most bumblebees are marked with Yellow and Black. Rarely are they marked with you can see in the blended image of two bumblebees. 
I'm also dreaming of the day the forests are filled with wildflowers again.