Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Search Continues

The search continues for orchids. My latest find was this Small yellow Lady Slipper.
So far I have located 6 species in this one cedar swamp. I am now watching another species that is getting ready to bloom. This one will make 7 species in this one swamp. The amazing thing is I have found all these orchids in a 400 foot area of each other. Here is the list I have located so far.
Ram's head ladyslipper
Pink ladyslipper
Showy Ladyslipper
Small Yellow Ladyslipper
Large Yellow Ladyslipper
Early Coralroot.
Today I sat for about 2-3 hours watching this one Ox-eyed Daisy. A golden-rod crab spider was waiting for lunch. It was amazing how many insects visited this flower. The spider never did catch lunch while I was waiting and watching.