Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Full Bird Feeders

Ever since daybreak the feeders have been busy.
As soon as it got light enough I was shooting some photos of the feeding birds.
My favorite of the day was the Fox Sparrow.
Fox Sparrow
This lone Fox Sparrow was a challenge to shot...he stayed under the snow covered Mock Orange bush. Since it was still a bit dark out and heavy cloud cover I had to use a high ISO. Plus I only had one clear opening to get any shots. Now that all the snow is off the bush they have moved to another spot in the yard.
The Slate-colored Juncos were everywhere and are always fun to watch. The Juncos are fixed in membership and have a hierarchy. Aggression at feeders is expression of dominance. They also return to the same areas each winter. So, now that the snow is done falling and a warm up is on the way I hope to start seeing more spring migrants.
 Slate-colored Junco
Slate-colored Junco