Friday, June 17, 2011

New Spider Species

Well after I got home from the meadow I uploaded all the images and as I was doing that I heard the hummingbirds raising a fuss by the feeder. So I went to have a look and on one of the feeder holes was this huge spider. I ran inside and grabbed my camera and when I returned it was gone. I knew it could not have gotten far, but to my surprise it was about 2 feet away sitting on a leaf. I set up my tripod and attached the camera with my 100 mm macro. I moved in slowly so I would not spook it, but as I got close it jumped at the camera  lens. I was in awe as I watched this huge jumping spider raise a fuss. After about 5 minutes it settled down and I started to shoot. When I started to use flash it really raised a fuss. It would raise it's front legs and leap forward. After about 30 minutes it decided it had enough of me and the camera and leaped into the lilies. I lost sight of it and was happy to have this awesome encounter with a new species. The next step was to ID it...this proved a tad bit hard, because there are a number of jumping spider species. After a long search I found the species...
Phidippus audax (Bold jumper Spider)

This spider was 1/2 inches long.