Sunday, April 24, 2011

Save or Delete

Sometimes I keep all images I take...bad or good.
 Like today I took 3 quick shots of a fast moving Brown Creeper. I see why they have that name...around and around the tree went the creeper. This little bird gave me a challenge, but I was only able to get 3 shots before it flew. Some days things work out and some today it is a total flop. I had my settings on the camera set for macro shooting and forgot to change the settings. So I quickly changed lens and took the shot. I was so excited seeing a creeper that I did not even realize what my settings were. This don't happen very often, but when it does it can either be a good thing or like today... a bad thing. So I have decided to keep this image until I get a better one. I will file this image under.... (Not so good shots.)
I only see creepers a few times a year and each time they seem to elude me in getting any good shots. I noticed that  the spring beauties and bloodroots are peaking through the ground. I also found some trailing arbutus with flower buds on them. It won't be long and the woods will come to life with flowers.