Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Overnight Camp

Set out yesterday to go camping for two nights, but something came up and ended up staying one night. It was worth the one night. I will be going back that is for sure. Heard loons calling late into the night, coyotes howling, owls hooting and something I have not heard in years...a whip-poor-will. I was able to photograph a few different species and one I have never photographed before. So many butterflies and ground squirrels. these little guys kept me entertained while I ate dinner and one was even begging. He or She would run up to my feet and look up at me and run a few feet away until I gave it a chip. A Mourning Cloak was my camp company all afternoon. I did find a target species I was hoping to photograph. The Cardinal Flower is one of my favorite flowers. I love how red they are and they stand out from the rest. I can't forget the butterflies. Three species where feeding on minerals next to the river. I spotted them as I crossed a small bridge. It was so peaceful laying next to them with the river only a few feet away. Northern crescent, Summer Azure and one Viceroy. I am planning on going back again real soon.
 Cardinal Flower
Lots of Pickerelweed
 Mourning Cloak
Three in One Shot