Monday, May 16, 2011

Evicted Twice!

I thought I had evicted mommy squirrel and her two little ones, but some how one of them did not leave. I had blocked up the hole and it was trapped till late this afternoon. It took me over an hour to chase this little one out. It had chewed a hole into the house boards and went into my attic. When I was trying to chase it out it slipped through the hole. So I blocked everything up and left an opening for it to leave. About an hour later I seen it climbing down the bush. So I rushed out and plugged the hole up. Mommy squirrel moved her other little one to the tree next door and this one seems to be on it's own. It did eat a bit at the feeder and than ran up a tree. I'm hoping mommy squirrel finds it...I'll keep watch. the Choke Cherry is in full bloom and the two Apple trees will be blooming in about 2 days time. I love photographing apple blossoms. Will keep an eye on the tree and as soon as they start I will be shooting away.