Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunny Day Macro!

This morning and early afternoon was just grand. Sunshine and warmer temps.
Went looking for some moreals, but only found one. Just a bit to early yet...a few more days. The best thing about this morning was...I found a blooming wildflower. This species of flower is a new flower for me. The Carolina Spring-beauty is one I have over looked. They look so much like the common spring beauty that I just never paid attention to them. The Spring Beauty has narrow leaves and the Carolina broader leaves. Another thing about today is my Mom and I spent a few hours together. We both enjoyed the morning and she spotted the first Mourning Cloak Butterfly. Than this afternoon I photographed the Bloodroot before it blooms. A few more days and it will be in bloom. Yellow Trout Lilies are not far behind.
 Carolina Spring-beauty
 Bloodroot Flower Bud
Bloodroot Close Up

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