Monday, June 27, 2011


Well it is raining again today, but at least it is a warm rain.
As of today I have nine species of spiders in my yard and garden. I know I will find more and looking forward to it. the Golden-rod Crab Spider found a good hiding place and was waiting for some food when I found it today. Later this afternoon it had made a dinner out of a Rose Chafer. Score one for the spider...
Golden-rod Crab Spider
A favorite of mine has made a web and laid a clutch of eggs...
Six-spotted Orb Weaver
Six-spotted Orb Weaver
She will stay with the eggs until they hatch and than she will leave.
I also had a cool visitor to my garden today. This Eastern Pine Elfin stopped by to feed.
I will be keeping a close eye on the orb weaver and eggs.

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