Friday, July 8, 2011

Mud Puddle

Yesterday afternoon I explored a new area. Not far from the meadow is a recent clear cut. Most of the trees have started growing again and it is really thick. As I was following the old logging road I found three green frogs sitting in a mud puddle. At first I tried to get close using my macro lens, but they would not allow me to get close. So I used my 300mm with an extension tube. I laid down in the mud and started shooting. The light was harsh, but the puddle was shaded by the trees. I still had some harsh lighting to deal with so I moved around till I got the best lighting I could. The mosquito's were very thick, but with bug spray on they seemed to leave me alone. The frog was the target of some of the mosquito's. I spent one hour watching and photographing these three frogs. It was enjoyable watching them, but afterwards I looked a mess. My white shirt was covered in mud and I smelled even worse. I guess this just adds to the enjoyment of photography.

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