Monday, July 18, 2011

What does it mean?

What does photography mean to me?
I have given this some thought and it hit me today...
What it means to me is that I can share with others what I see through my eyes and lens. I don't care if it is perfect, because we live in a not so perfect world. Just sharing with others, images of the beauty that surrounds us is why I enjoy photography. So many things that we pass by everyday that holds some sort of beauty. I'm not out to try to impress people with my photos, but to share how I feel and what I see. Everyone sees different and has different thoughts about photography. It becomes so confusing sometimes...just in the last couple of days I realized that I am trying to hard to  "Make" an image that I have lost the real reason I am doing this. After uploading the images and looking at them I noticed a big change. So I'm going to pursue this new discovery and see how it goes. I'm not perfect and my photography is not perfect, but at least I am enjoying something that means so much to me.

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