Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chasing Butterflies

Today has been one of those days that are few and far between.
The last couple days I have been trying to get some photos of this hairstreak that has been eluding me.This morning I spotted it, but before I could even get close enough it flew away. I searched and searched, but no luck. I did see others, but they were just as fast. I think they were playing a game with me. So I came home and went back late this afternoon and had luck. After uploading all the images I took today...I can safely say I will be editing for the next month. I reviewed them quickly and I have many wonderful images. I'm so tired out that I passed up a great sunset tonight.

Coral Hairstreak - Satyrium titus
This is a new species that I can add to my life list. 
Painted Lady

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